Hosting CSMM on an Unraid Server.

So you’ve been hosting your own server and now you’ve decided to host CSMM on your Unraid box as well. This is written assuming that you have a basic understanding of how Unraid and containers in Unraid work. In this article I will address setting up Ich777’s CSMM-7DTD container. First you will need to go […]

HotB Gaming has three 7 Days Serverd

Our 7 Days server is updated to Ravenhearst 7.2.1. We are on day 16. We do have CSMM server manager, gimme game has 75% chance of spawning a zombie, and 25% chance of spawning a good item with a ratio of 15-5. We have an online shop with limited items, an online map, teleports, though […]

Nazy’s Survivors PVE

– Public Webmap – BM Safety for new players – Choose your starting spawn – Mods – 8K Nitro Map Settings – Difficulty: Insane – Loot: 25% – XP: 100%