HotB Gaming has three 7 Days Serverd

Our 7 Days server is updated to Ravenhearst 7.2.1. We are on day 16. We do have CSMM server manager, gimme game has 75% chance of spawning a zombie, and 25% chance of spawning a good item with a ratio of 15-5. We have an online shop with limited items, an online map, teleports, though we limit those because RH is meant to be tough, voting rewards, and more. As extra incentive to join one or more of our 7 Days servers, we at HotB gaming will be giving out ONE free supply drop to new players. This can be especially useful on RH because they almost always contain at least one antibiotic, first aid kit, pain killer, and sometimes have a schematic or two. Use CODE: 72D2AC to PM me (Rizzano on Discord). The code lets me know which ad (I have ads all over reddit, fb, steam, etc.) has brought in a new player. Also we have voting rewards.- we have links in our communities 7days-general channel that go to each of our servers on You vote through steam, then go back to the game and type $vote – you will get rewarded with a supply drop. BE WARNED – for Ravenhearst the drops DO spawn zombies so make sure you are outside, prepared, and away from your base. We also have Darkness Falls and War3zuK servers as well. DF gives you a food crate for voting, and War3zuK also gives a supply drop. Go to our site for info on all of our many servers, rules, commands, online maps, online shops, connection info, and more. We also have Miscreated, Ark, Empyrion, SCUM, Conan: Exiles, Atlas, and coming soon, DayZ servers. All PVE.

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