Admin Tools

Admin Tools

Admin tools are server-side tools used to help with server administration. They are also known as APIs. These tools work by adding commands to manage the server. While most have some overlapping features each one also tends to have their own unique features as well.

Alloc’s Server Fixes

by Alloc

Meant to become an easy to use and everywhere accessible administration interface mostly for tasks like player management. The map is rendered to image files as people visit different places.

  • Live Map
  • Viewing the map of the game as much as visited by players
  • View currently online/offline players’ locations on the map
  • Look at the inventory (including belt and equipment) of a player
  • Show land claims on the map
  • Show a grid overlay on the map to easily see what region files are associated with a given area
  • Individual permission levels for each feature, login with Steam account

CSMM Patrons Mod (CPM)

by Prisma

CSMM Patron’s Mod (CPM) is a companion mod to CSMM. It’s free to use and can be used without CSMM. CPM is a forked extension of Coppi’s Mod (used and continued under a new name with permission of original author Danilo Coppi), extending the functionality of existing commands, and adding new commands and features. These features include both console commands, as well as chat commands. Use it to extend the possibilities of what you can do with CSMM.

  • Advanced Claims
  • Claim Creator WebUI
  • AntiCheat (Damage,- SpectatorMode,- GodMode,- and Flyingdetection)
  • Reset Regions
  • Location Tracking
  • Protective Bubble
  • Nighttime Announcer
  • Sleeper control
  • Falling blocks control
  • Trading system
  • Questpoi Protection
  • Reset RWG Prefabs
  • Chatcoloring and more

Server Tools (ST)

by dmustanger

Server tools for 7 days to die dedicated servers.

  • Automatically detects and deals with cheaters. Customizable
  • Detects: flying above or below ground, hatch elevator, teleport, invalid items, invalid stack sizes, family share accounts, player stats such as height, speed, jump strength, max stamina, max health, available skill points.
  • Logs all player’s inventory to a file for later review. Set the time between loggings. Default is once per minute.
  • Records the player’s IP address and location to the inventory log.
  • Records identical items and stacks found in a player’s inventory. These are not necessarily duped but this gives a record.
  • Logs of violators are auto-created and deleted based on your settings.

Bad Company SM

by StompyNZ
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