Server Managers

Server Managers

These work in conjunction with APIs. They offer features like player teleporting and inventory tracking.


by Smegzor

Botman is a server manager that you interact with in-game and/or via Internet Relay Chat rather than in an application window.  A web interface is available which makes the bot and server even easier to manage.

  • An in-game shop and a game currency called the Zenny.
  • Base protection and raid alerts.
  • Intelligent PVP handling on PVE servers.
  • PVP detection and punishment.  Automatically arrest player killers.
  • PVP support.  The bot has a bounty system and funny commentary for PVP kills.
  • Block duping, rapid relogging (duping again), numeric names, and ascii names, flying, teleporting, and kick admin impersonators.
  • Intelligent ping kicking.  Only new players are kicked and it copes with lag spikes by scoring the ping over time.   Only consistently high pings are counted.
  • Can kick idle players when the server is full. They are given warnings for 10 minutes before being kicked.
  • Admin reserved slots.  If the server is full and an admin tries to join, a slot is temporarily opened and reserved for admins.
  • Special features for donors.
  • Villages and village protection.
  • Hotspots (private messages) that act like signs.
  • IRC integration.  In-game chat, alerts and inventory monitoring are sent to 3 channels on an IRC server.
  • A message of the day, welcome message, rules, info, hourly rolling messages and more can be configured.
  • In-game private mail and an admin alert messaging system.
  • Reset zone management.  Prevent setting of player bases and placing of claim blocks by region or location.
  • Hacker and duping detection and responses.  Configure what you want to happen when the bot detects duping.
  • Special locations; timeout, exile and prison.
  • Inventory logging and reporting.
  • Player movement logging, reporting and tracking.
  • New player alerts, raid alerts, pvp alerts and more.
  • Bot assisted player following.
  • Move players around, even offline players.
  • Set up a lobby.  If a special location called lobby exists, all new players will be moved to there when they first spawn into the game.
  • Automatic daily chat logging which can be put online via webdav.
  • Logging of raw telnet data for later manual analysis.
  • Private chat with players between the server and IRC and private chat player to player.
  • And much much more!

Catalysm's Server Manager & Monitor (CSMM)

by Catalysm

CSMM is a web-based server manager for 7 Days to die. Bring your server(s) to the next level with CSMM’s advanced features! Join hundreds of other servers in a new generation of server management.

  • Server automation – run any command in any time interval you want. Timed server messages, automatic world saving.
  • Discord notifications – built-in for common use cases. Ability to detect specific strings for your custom purposes.
  • High ping kicker – Kick players with constant bad connection.
  • Country ban – automatically kick or ban players from certain countries from your server.
  • Player tracking – Track location and inventory of online players and view them on a map of your server.
  • Ingame commands – Playermade teleports, ingame support system, … Custom commands to expose console commands to players in a controlled way Economy system – Let players earn money by playing, killing zombies, typing on your Discord server. They can spend their cash in your servers shop, teleports and more.
  • Discord integration – Chat bridge (chat between Discord and the game), multiple commands to view player info or view server status.
  • Support ticket system – Let players create support requests ingame. Admins can view and comment on these via the website to provide quick support for players.
  • Server analytics – charts of # of online players, server FPS, RAM usage.

Phoenixs Utilities

by Phoenix125
  • Works with other managers.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Discord: Send server status, in-game chat messages, players join or leave, and game time.
  • Backups. Partial and full server.
  • Config window.
  • Keeps server updated and running.
  • Easily downloads, installs, and set up a new 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server.
  • Send telnet & chat messages with a click.
  • After updates, “(Almost) Future Proof” option adds 19 existing parameters to the new serverconfig.xml file to accommodate config changes during updates and can disable mod folder.
  • Announce server updates and/or restarts in game, on Discord and Twitch.
  • Works with all version: Public, Latest_experimental, and custom.
  • Optionally automatically add version (ex: Alpha 17 (b240)) to server name with each update, so that users can quickly identify that you are running the latest version.
  • Optionally automatically rename GameName to current version (ex: Alpha 17 b240) with each update, therefore saving old world while creating new world (aka: SERVER WIPE).
  • KeepAlive Watchdog: Restarts frozen servers. Monitors for process, valid telenet, and query responses.
  • Scheduled restarts.
  • Remote restart (via web browser).
  • Run multiple instances to manage multiple servers.
  • Detailed logs.
  • Watchdog: restart server on excessive memory use.

RAT Server Manager

by Trekkan

7D2D RAT server manager can be used for both local and remote server administration. Meaning, you can use it whether you host your 7D2D Server from your home, or have it hosted with a hosting service. The only difference is there are a few features that can’t work if you’re remotely hosted (not many).

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