Prefab Editor: Getting Started Basics

Before you start Prefab Size Limits The maximum height a prefab can be is around 250-256 blocks/metres high. While there is no hard limit as far as I know on width and length, there is an issue that occurs with large prefabs 250-300+ with the distant mesh overlaying itself over the prefab while you’re inside […]

Prefab Editor Overview Guide

Keybinds Z – Place a section box, Use again to define the size. (Defining 2 opposing corners) U – Creative Menu , You can get all your blocks here. X – Rotate a selection. G – Hold to move a selection, use WASD and C for down and space for up. You can also drag […]

How to place a custom prefab in an existing world

To place it, make sure the servers world is installed on your local machine Then go into the world editor from the main menu and you can see how it looks before actually placing it. Press Z in the world editor a blue square will appear then press K and a tiny non scaled menu […]

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