How to place a custom prefab in an existing world

How to place a custom prefab in an existing world


To place it, make sure the servers world is installed on your local machine


  • Then go into the world editor from the main menu and you can see how it looks before actually placing it.
  • Press Z in the world editor a blue square will appear then press K and a tiny non scaled menu will show (if your monitor is high res you will need to lean in a bit to read the text:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
  • Click Dynamic Prefabs
  • Find your prefab made earlier in the list (Will just be what you named it) and select it.
  • Then click the “Place” button and it will turn into a green square.
  • To move it use Shift + G and either drag the arrows around or use W,A,S,D with Space being up and C being down.
  • Once your happy Press ESC and click on “save” and it will update the Prefabs.xml in your game words folder (Generated Worlds)
  • Then you can either open the xml and copy the new line to the servers prefabs.xml or just copy and overwrite the servers prefabs.xml file.
  • Restart the server and if the area it will spawn in has been visited you will need to delete the region file at this point once the server is back up it should be at the desired location on your map and will still be there after wipes (Just gets reset like a normal prefab)